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Friendly Farmacist Friday: Incurable, but not unmanageable; learn more about eczema and how you can better manage it with these simple tips.

What is eczema?
Eczema affects our skin and can cause chronic reddish wheals, peeling and itchiness.

Is it curable?
Unfortunately, eczema is incurable and it can permanently scar the largest organ in our body. But, the good news is that eczema is manageable. Thankfully, about 90% of all eczema occurs in young children and many people grow out of the allergic phase.

What are the common triggers of eczema flares?
Eczema flares can occur for the most trivial reasons including food allergens (e.g. peanuts, seafood), environment allergens (e.g. dust mites, pollen, mould) and even stress or weather changes!

How can eczema be managed?
Kill the bud before it blooms! Early management is associated with positive response to the normal steroid and antihistamine therapies.

Figuring out individual unique potential causes and eliminating them can also help to drastically improve eczema outcomes.

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