People don’t usually make this connection, but how good you look reflects the health of your liver.

This organ’s main job is to break down toxins – all the bad stuff you eat that harms rather than nourishes – and produce energy to power up the rest of the body. Naturally, if this metabolic factory breaks down, the toxins will accumulate and, with nowhere else to go, they’ll be getting under your skin. Here’s the damage you could be experiencing.

You have eczema

Toxins building up in the deeper layers of your skin will cause inflammation and symptoms such as redness and bumps that eventually turn into itchy and dry skin. Eczema, which comes from a Greek word that means “to boil out”, can worsen to stages like oozing and crusting, eventually causing permanent skin pigmentation.

You suffer an acne breakout

Inflammation can also cause pimple breakouts, especially a form called acne rosacea. The theory is similar to eczema – the toxins accumulate in your epidermis and turn up as red pimples on your cheeks and around your nose. A small yellow head may even appear at the tip of the pimple. If you have skin problems such as these, it may help to consume natural supplements such as Wheat Grass Juice & Noni Juice . Not only does it have anti-inflammatory effects, it also helps normalise symptoms of stress such as increased blood pressure and cholesterol.

You’re losing more hair than usual

Even hair follicles need energy generated by the liver to grow long and shiny locks. If you find more hair on your comb than usual and what’s left looks limp and lifeless without elaborate styling, it might be worth checking in with your body, especially your liver.

Your skin seems sallow and aged

Maybe you don’t have any obvious skin problems, but you can also do a check on the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles usually linked to ageing. The liver’s good work also keeps your heart pumping blood to your skin to feed collagen production and oxygenate your skin cells, so such symptoms can turn up if this process isn’t going smoothly. Include Collagen Peptide & Vitamin E into your diet .

Aside from facials and other topical treatments, keep your skin glowing and radiant by taking a natural health supplements.

SHARRETS NUTRITIONS – Wheat Grass Juice , Amala Juice & Noni Juice contains these key ingredients , an antioxidant essential for the maintenance of healthy skin, to help combat free radicals and detoxify the liver, letting you unleash your inner glow.

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