Don’t let a packed schedule get in the way of your fitness!

Scaling the corporate ladder and staying on top of your game can sometimes feel like it requires more than 24 hours a day, but it is equally important to make time to maintain your fitness levels.

Regular exercise is not just a mood booster – it will also keep your brain alert and ensure your energy levels remain high during the day. Here are five smart ways to help you stick to your fitness goals, even if you don’t think you have the time.

1. Walk the extra mile

With long hours spent in front of your computer, every little bit counts when it comes to keeping fit. Sneak in extra physical activity by walking as much as possible. For example, alight one or two bus stops early and walk to your destination, or take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift. When it’s time for your coffee break, take a few extra minutes to go to the cafe that’s a distance away instead of heading to the one within your office building – you might be surprised that a short stroll perks you up better than the caffeine itself.

2. Make exercise a social activity

It might be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise if you’re on your own, but with a little bit of company, you may even start looking forward to your workout sessions. If your company is able to offer you a corporate gym membership or access to a fitness club of sorts, sign up and join other like-minded individuals in working out together. Otherwise, pick a sport or exercise you personally enjoy, and gather a few colleagues who are willing to commit to keeping fit, instead of making a beeline for happy hour. These bonding sessions may even lead to increased camaraderie and better teamwork!

3. Go fast and furious

Gym sessions do not have to last over an hour to be effective. In fact, studies have shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT), which typically lasts about 20 minutes, is more effective than continuous moderate activity at improving your strength and fitness. Many gyms now offer HIIT classes, so simply find a suitable one near your office and try to fit in a workout during your lunch hour.

You should be at least moderately accustomed to physical activity before starting physically demanding HIIT exercises. Ensure your joints are in tip-top condition with Sharrets CPH+ , which contains a unique blend of collagen, to restore joint comfort and felxibility. You can work without the aching joints next day.

4. Rent a gym locker

When you’re rushing to get out of your home in the morning, even the extra minutes it takes to pack your gym bag may be too much. Relieve yourself of the burden of packing each time you head to the gym by renting a locker (most gyms will offer storage space for a nominal monthly fee). You can stash your necessities such as shoes, shower stuff and even a makeup pouch in the locker so that it becomes less of a hassle to get yourself to the gym for your workouts.

5. Exercise during TV time

If you like to wind down at the end of the day by vegging out in front of the telly, why not multitask during this downtime with a workout? You can follow routines on a fitness app or YouTube video, or put together your own programme of jumping jacks, crunches or even stretches.

By incorporating these little changes into your daily life, you’ll be surprised at how easy and fun it can be to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, despite your busy days. Support your newfound fitness, as well as flexibility and mobility, with SHARRETS CPH+  – a joint supplement specially formulated with Fish Collagen Peptide and HA along with Vitamin C , an ingredient that is proven to be twice more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin combined in relieving joint pain and discomfort.

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