IsoWhey Sports athlete and former elite gymnast, Lauren Hannaford has revealed her top tips for beating the bulge during the cooler months.

Let’s face it – nobody likes exercising in the cold, wet or dark. What we do like is indulging in wine, cheese and Treat Yo Selfworthy food. As winter draws nearer, it’s not uncommon for our list of excuses for pilling on the kilos to get longer and longer. But not this winter! IsoWhey Sports athlete, Lauren Hannaford has revealed her top tips for beating the bulge during the cooler months.

How to avoid that extra layer this winter

You can do it, put your back into it

During winter many people take a break from their regular fitness schedule due to the cold, wet and dark weather conditions. I constantly remind my clients that fitness isn’t a seasonal activity, it’s a lifestyle. If you have created a fitness routine that makes you feel great, then don’t let winter distract you from your goals.

Feeling unmotivated? Buy a new workout outfit that makes you feel fit and fabulous. The night before a workout, lay out your favourite workout outfit at the end of your bed so you can quickly get changed and race out the door.

Write it down

Staying consistent through winter is all about setting realistic goals. Schedule your workouts in your diary like you would for a doctor’s appointment or brunch with a girlfriend. Make sure you pick a time that you know you are most likely to go, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for failure. If you’re not a morning person, don’t arrange a morning run and if you are always dead exhausted after a long day at work, then night time sessions are not ideal for you.

Channel your inner Masterchef

Winter months are notorious for increasing our appetites, making it tempting to grab a sugary snack or reach for that second slice of buttery ciabatta bread. To combat excess calorie consumption, prepare your meals at the beginning of the week and cook your own food whenever you can. Whether you prefer to cook your meals on a daily basis or do it in bulk on a Sunday afternoon, winter is a great time to spend in the kitchen and store extra portions in the freezer.

Bottoms up!

When the weather drops it’s easy not to notice your body’s need for hydration. You might think that you don’t need to drink as much water, but when you exercise you are still draining your body’s fluid stores. Try and drink 2 big glasses of water before each meal. Not only will it help fill you up but it will maximize your daily water intake, help keep your skin clear, your body hydrated and keep you energized throughout the day.

Eat mindfully

Many people seek comfort in food during winter because they are cold, bored, stressed, feeling sad or lonely. Avoid emotionally overeating by putting down your fork and thinking why am I eating. Am I hungry or am I eating for the sake of it? Learning to eat mindfully and becoming more in tune with your state of hunger will significantly help you ward off weight gain.

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